Let's face it, New Zealand's public health system is stretched. Private medical insurance will guarantee you skip the queue and get seen immediately so diagnosis and treatment can begin as fast as possible. That's a huge relief if your medical condition is serious, or if the health of your child is compromised. Did you know a simple tonsillectomy can cost over $5000?

Having your own medical insurance also opens the door to a broader range of treatment options than is often available through our publically-funded health system.

You can include diagnostic and specialist cover, or opt for a surgery-only policy. Different excess options are available and some policies have a range of added benefits to help you recover at home or seek treatment overseas if necessary.

Your children can also be added to your medical insurance policy and enjoy the same coverage as you at reduced child premium rates.

As with most insurance policies, the devil is in the detail. Ownit advisers know how these policies are worded inside and out, and can recommend the best one for you. And when it comes to seeking prior-approval or making a claim, we'll handle the whole process on your behalf so you can concentrate on getting better.

Insurance Policies


How are insurance advisers paid?

Insurance advisers receive a commission directly from the insurance company when a new customer signs up. The commission rates are roughly the same for each insurer, so it does not sway our decision on which policies to recommend. Our service is free to you.

Can I trust an insurance company to pay out?

Yes. Ownit only deals with the best insurance companies who offer the best policies and coverage. Paying monthly or annual premiums can feel like a waste of money, but should you ever need to make a substantial claim it will be worth every cent. Making sure you have the right insurance in place to begin with is the key to ensuring claims are paid out.

Do I need insurance?

If you have financial obligations (like rent or mortgage repayments) or a family who rely upon you and your income, personal insurance is a smart move. The right level of cover will give you financial security if things go wrong. It will also allow your partner to take time off work so you can be together as a family in difficult times. Your health is your most valuable asset thats worth protecting at any age.

How much information do I need to disclose?

The more detail you can provide to our Ownit advisers and your potential insurer, the better. All medical and personal information is strictly confidential. Full disclosure is the best way to ensure any future claims will be paid.

What does an insurance rating mean?

Each insurance company has a rating which indicates their financial strength, stability and vulnerability to adverse market conditions. This is one factor worth considering when choosing which insurance provider to sign up with.

When should I take out personal insurance?

Insurance companies will always exclude pre-existing conditions so the sooner you take out your policies, the better. Think of it like car insurance if you bring in a banged up car, you wont be insured for the dents and damage that already exist. Similarly, if you suffer a major injury or illness and then try to organise insurance, you will not be covered for that condition.

Q: How do I make a claim?

Just give your Ownit adviser a call and we will make the claim on your behalf to ensure the process runs smoothly for you.

What do our clients think?

  • Catherine and Esera

    My partner and I were considering buying a house as we were paying a lot for rent, and we were due to have our first baby. Lorna welcomed us into her office and was so easy to talk to. She made us feel comfortable straight away. We knew nothing of the process of buying a house so it was a relief to know that Lorna would handle everything. And she did help with everything - from helping us with Kiwisaver, housing subsidies and lawyers, to drawing up a budget, insurances and our wills. I really felt that Lorna fought for us, making sure that we got the best deals around, she really looked after us. Lorna kept in constant contact with us, making sure we fully understood each process. I will always appreciate the wonderful experience we had buying our house, not only because we are homeowners, but because the process was made so easy with Lorna and the wonderful team at Prosper.'

    Catherine Kiel and Esera Filipo

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