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Own it. Two simple words but when put together, become a powerful mantra in life and in business. Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the arguably most influential writers of our time, used this idea of 'owning it' to get people to examine and imagine what it means to be successful to reach personal goals and achievements through authenticity and personal integrity. We at Own It Mortgages couldn't agree with this sentiment more. Do you Own It? Do you want to Own It? If your answer is 'Yes', we can help.

By Owning It, you challenge yourself -you know what you bring to the table your unique skills, talents and ideas. And let's not forget: your dream. Through your own set of desires, passions and set intentions, you can own it, whether it's a new home, a build, a refinance, an investment or another goal that sparks your pride and inspiration.

Own It Mortgages strives to put our best foot forward and help you achieve owning it whatever that means to you. Our model is simple-we want to help people become financially informed, make the best decisions for themselves and guide them through the process to a successful future of ownership.  Our main objective is to blaze the trail for our clients in all facets up the mortgage ladder until the final goal is reached or owned! And your dream is finally realised, with us standing by your side every step of the way.  We fight for you the buyer, to ensure your needs are met with a full plethora of support and professionalism behind you. We at Own It Mortgages wouldn't have it any other way, and neither should you. 

Our educated mortgage advisors are here to help you make decisions, and lead you toward your next big dream-How do we accomplish this?

  • Interact with all professional persons on your behalf, such as solicitors, real estate agents, banks, evaluators, and much more
  • Secure the lowest interest rates per qualification
  • Negotiate with different banks and other lending institutions on your behalf
  • Free up cash from the bank on your move in day to assist with your moving costs
  • Discuss the option of using your Kiwi Saver and Home Start Grant
  • Review your mortgage on a regular basis and determine if discounted interest rates are available for you
  • We help out on move day with a complimentary moving trailer and also some pizzas on the move-in day because we know how hard move in day can be!

Now that is personalised service! We hope you agree that Own It Mortgages is in the business with you- the self-determined, inspired, talented client. Let us lead you on your way toward owning the next big thing in your life - your dream!


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